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Avante is one of the worlds best small IT consulting firms. We provide technology, outsourcing, consulting & trusted IT partnerships for businesses of all sizes.

We're worldwide

We have small teams of friendly experts all over the world, so great support is never far away. We’re available 24/7 with near instant response times, which is great for your sanity!

We’re fast.

Our agile teams are always ready to meet with you to discuss your requirements and design elegant solutions for your business. We can get you fixed, up and running in a flash!

We’re affordable.

We have smart, affordable plans and services to suit every business and every budget..

Welcome to Avante.

Our new site is all about who we are and what we do, we reckon we are easily recognisable as genuine leaders and innovators in IT. The Avante Group is one of the world’s best small IT consulting firms, providing technology, outsourcing, consulting and trusted IT partnerships. We believe that exceptional business IT is about just the right blend of people, technology, process, passion, experience and culture. With our small teams located across the globe, brilliant IT services are never far away.

30 Days Free Total Support

Total Support is Avante’s flagship global support offering, it’s very flexible. Customers enjoying its benefits, range from five to over a thousand users, and they rely on it every day in their organisations. It includes the ability to support global locations or just the one office, like all our services it’s designed to be easy to understand, it’s that simple.